The incredible mushroom

Take inspiration from the incredible mushroom; the lifeform that thrives despite being kept in the dark and having you-know-what heaped on it, the organism that spreads via underground networks, replicates in ever increasing circles and even gets its messages across to other plants. Most organisations face the challenge of communicating in conditions that are far from ideal - no spare staff, not enough time, not enough information, no spare cash. Like the incredible mushroom, we can still get our messages out and grow a successful network. 


conditions not perfect? your ideas can still mushroom

Range of services

Simple and basic

Simple and basic website or advert at a fixed price - we won't add complications that push the price up.



Copy writing as a standalone service - if you've got your website, got your artwork,  and know what you should be saying but can't find the right words, we'll craft tailormade articles working with what you already have in place because we know you aren't always looking for someone to reinvent the wheel.

Connected and clever

Packages that link website, social media, print and experiential marketing all together so that the messages are consistent and reinforced.


We can bring in video, design or other experts to add new dimensions to your marketing and oversee the work so that your budget is protected.

Attention to detail

Website checking,  (including testing web links and customer journeys)  and monitoring of date-sensitive material. It's the important but dull stuff that you don't have time to do, but which customers really pick up on if you don't!



Results driven

We'll agree with you at the outset what kind of  outcomes you want from our work and we'll report back to you how far they have been achieved.



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